Frances Hogg makes work that represents her experience of growing up in Africa. Her paintings exude riots of turbulent colour and challenge notions of identity through harsh overlaying marks. She explores the blurred boundaries between colour, material and context through paintings and sculptures. For her, colour is visual; it has weight, emotion, feel, surface and cultural significance. Certain colours and patterns draw directly from the textiles of West Africa. Her use of white paint both conceals and reveals, creating tension in the work.


Her sculptures are open, informal and playful. They ask questions of the space, whilst also encouraging us to look outside of the work, beyond the gallery to a faraway context to which they refer. She deals with her materials in a typical jua kali way, the Swahili for ‘hot sun’, a term widely used in Kenya to describe the self-taught craftsmen who are able to make something out of nothing and who sell their work along the busy thoroughfares of Nairobi.


Hogg’s work is intimate, created in a state of unease with a sense of intuitive immediacy, attempting to purposefully raise questions about identity, culture and space.





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+44 (0) 7791 994 562

Lives and works in London

Chelsea College of Art & Design - Master of Fine Art

Camberwell College of Arts - Bachelor of Fine Art


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