My work deals with aspects of colour, form, line,  gesture figure & ground. Despite the work being born out of accidental & considered mark making, it is very heavily influenced by landscapes of Africa that exude brutal riots of turbulent colour fields and movement. Certain colours & patterns draw directly from the associative textiles, the rural land & the people. I seek to unpick my conflict of identity within my work, whilst questioning the blurred boundaries between painting, sculpture & installation. 



'Gather&See Girls: Frances Hogg', Gather&See, 2016,

'Introducing: Frances Hogg', IDOL magazine, 2015,

'La Joie De Vivre', Streets magazine, 2015,


'Occupation Symposium', Tate Modern Switch House, London 2017

'Artists of The Future', Degree Art Gallery, London 2016

'Concrete Compendium', Chelsea College of Art & Design, London 2015

'Tangent', Chelsea College of Art & Design, London 2014

'Coalesce', Bussey Building, London 2013

'The Vault', Shoreditch Town Hall, London 2013


+44 (0) 7791 994 562

Lives and works in London

Chelsea College of Art & Design - Master of Fine Art

Camberwell College of Arts - Bachelor of Fine Art


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